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Jamie-Leigh Hecht

VP Community and Operations


Community, Capital, Connections

Passionate about connecting people, technology and the power of a ‘brand’ to grow businesses, concepts and products away from the industry expectations. 5+ experience in community management, end-to-end brand creation and activation. Project management, copywriting, social media management, content strategy & management.

Outside of work you can find me at?

Walking, either in the mountains or along the coastline. In the Yoga studio or attempting to get to a 10 second handstand (over a year in, and nowhere near).

Best thing about startups?


Top piece of advice for founders?


What do I look for in a founder?


Two truths and a lie?


Favourite Quote + why?

“We’re all in the gutter, but some of us are looking up at the stars” — Oscar Wilde

Top 3 podcasts or books?

  • The One Thing  – Gary W Keller
  • The last Child in the Woods – Richard Louv
  • & I love binging on podcast series while walking – I go through phases, though. At the moment, I’m really into The Jane Goodall Hopecast.

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