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News: Strawman reaches 10,000 users as interest in crowd-sourced investment research grows

Sydney, July, 13, 2020 — Strawman founded by Andrew Page has reached a new milestone by reaching 10,000 users, despite the economic volatility for the Australian Stock Market. Black Nova Group has proudly supported the re-launch of the Strawman Index through their partner, Experience Digital.

Strawman is a community-based platform that allows Australia’s best private investors to evaluate and produce share market research and recommendations. Users share investment ideas and research by managing virtual portfolios and building company reports. Using real world prices, Strawman allows you to gain valuable experience in trading and portfolio management — risk free — as well as follow proven investors with hard won track-records.

Founder and Managing Director, Andrew Page says “Strawman is all about the democratisation of sharemarket research. Our goal is to give private investors a platform in which they can connect and collaborate in way that delivers real results”

Since their re-launch in early 2020, Strawman’s user base has grown significantly. The community has delivered returns that sets them apart from most professionals, that sadly have a poor track record.. With an overall increase of 38% per annum since late 2017, Strawman has effectively unlocked the ‘wisdom of the crowd’ and empowered private investors to make more informed investment decisions

The platform provides members the capability to share investment ideas and rationale by managing virtual portfolios and building company reports, all of which are ranked by community endorsement and portfolio performance.

“We are pleased to see Strawman’s growth continue to skyrocket right through the recent volatility” says Matt Browne, Black Nova Group’s Managing Partner, “first time investors have the opportunity of gaining well researched insights alongside experienced investors, helping everyone to navigate ever-changing market conditions, which is an edge when investing in today’s financial market”.

As the only platform that allows you to paper trade the ASX using virtual portfolios, Black Nova Group is backing Strawman while it paves the way for first-time investors to gain experience in portfolio management and trading without any risk.

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