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Venture Builder — What does this mean?

When we introduce ourselves, we are often asked: “Is Black Nova Group a VC?”

In short, the answer is no — that does not mean that we aren’t ready to back strong founders & innovative solutions.

Black Nova Group bridges the gap between the entrepreneur & Venture Capital during the earliest stages of building a business. Venture Builders are often referred to as ‘startup suites’, ‘tech studios’ or ‘co-building partnerships’. In a way, the Venture Builder model has revolutionised the opportunities for startup growth.

A Venture Builder takes a collaborative approach to building a business with an entrepreneur. When engaging with a Venture Builder, each will provide a unique approach.

Black Nova Group provides bespoke services to each founder to which we engage with. These include:

The conceptualisation of ideas — In the very early stages of a business, sometimes a great founder has a seed idea, but with the support of a Venture Builder, it may become a go-to-market MVP.

Process & Automation implementation — Having gone through the process of building startups a number of times, Venture Builders have tried and tested playbooks. These include a wide range of operational processes that ensure each process is done efficiently, allowing more time for collaborative creation.

Access to discounted products or services — One of the reasons many Venture Builders are referred to as ‘start up suites’ is due to their network or internal ecosystem. VB’s leverage off their personal relationships, or team resources to ensure that their portfolio has access to the best in the business, at a reasonable cost.

Talent acquisition — A startup is only as exceptional as their core people. As the business grows, so will the team — and Venture Builders have access to unique talent who have the resilience and determination to work with Founders to build and scale. VB’s are also hyper-aware of the requirements for in-house talent acquisition, and will provide guidance on how to assemble multi-disciplinary teams, effectively.

Mentorship — One of the leading reasons that Founders seek Venture Builders over Venture Capital is the people within the advisory team. Exclusive access to those that have surpassed and succeeded in the stages of business development and growth, Founders often see value in the support and guidance, rather than the financial contribution.

Access to a founder-based community — It is easy to feel alone as a Founder, building a business. A Venture Builder is capable of building a community and providing a network of like-minded individuals, who thrive on shared solutions, talents and growth.

The startup world is not one that succeeds around ego or large amounts of money raised. Early success for a newly formed business aligns with the founding team’s resilience through adversity and their ability to ask for support when required. This is where a Venture Builder, like Black Nova Group, can help entrepreneurs dream, build and grow.

About Black Nova Group Pty Ltd.

Black Nova Group exists to empower the next generation of iconic, tech startups. We inject capital and services into businesses looking to scale. We operate in Australia and Europe, and are united by one goal; supporting great founders with ambitious dreams to achieve their potential.

Each year, Black Nova Group invests a sizeable capital allotment into development of a new business. Experience Digital, Ezi Debt Collection and Upcover have all been ventures that Black Nova Group has taken on — with the bulk of development on these works being completed by the agency Black Nova Group’s development arm, Experience Digital.

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